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Vita Tua, Vita Mea, Contemporary Art Observatorium, Venedig

Vita tua, vita mea. My  Life, your Life

The event will take place at CON-TEMPORARY 7 exhibition room, sited in the historical centre of Venice, Italy, between the famous Rialto and Scalzi bridges, exactly in Calle de Mezo of Campo San Giacomo dell’Orio square.

The intent of VITA TUA, VITA MEA is to create a conceptual connection in response to the theme proposed by the 57th International Art Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia.

Entitled “Viva Arte Viva”, the Biennale launches once again a message of optimism, or more sceptically of illusion, secluding art into a no man’s land, an enclave where to set it free from the responsibilities and the troubles of reality.

VITA TUA, VITA MEA is an antithesis of the famous Latin motto “mors tua, vita mea” (your death is my life), precursor of the opportunistic and egocentric model where the modern socio-economic world has been founded on, in order to propose instead a model of personal wellness as a consequence of the wellness of the society.

The exhibition wants to clarify that the bounds of interdependence between human beings are unalienable, they are fundamental. The human society is a textile of relations: if you stress them beyond measure, the textile tears, causing epochal crises like the ones we are witnessing.

One of the aspects that the exhibition intends to investigate in particular is also the one about the interdependence relations between artist and beholder, either be it a casual onlooker, a collector, a patron or someone to whom the work of art is dedicated.

Europa II, refers to the myth of  Zeus, who in the form of a bull abducts the Phoenician princess, Europa and takes her to Crete, where she founds the European culture.

5 – 25 august 2017
Sestiere Santa Croce 1592
Venedig, Italien